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Edgewood Manor

There have been some concerns raised regarding this development.  At city meetings, in get togethers with neighbors, and on social media, Homewood residents have brought these concerns to our attention.  We have done our best to address each one and below is an explanation as to why we believe our PRD-1 plan better addresses these concerns when compared to NPD zoning.  


While our PRD-1 plan does have 12 homes compared to a total of 8 under NPD zoning, the total number of structures built under our NPD plan could be as many as 16 due to the addition of two story accessory structures.  Under PRD-1, we agreed to disallow any accessory structures.  Also, PRD-1 zoning restricts us from covering more than 25% of our development with structures.  NPD zoning allows for structures to cover up to 50% of each lot.  So, chances are that we will cover less area with fewer structures if the PRD-1 zoning is approved.  

Setbacks and Height restrictions

Many have asked about our setbacks and height restrictions under PRD-1 zoning.  Due to requests from the City and residents, we agreed to meet NPD zoning regulations with both our structure height and side setbacks so there is no difference in the plans in that regard.  On front and rear setbacks, our PRD-1 plan includes 20 foot front and 15 foot rear.  NPD zoning allows for 25 foot front and 20 foot rear.  However, since accessory structures are allowed and potential buyers have requested them, we would likely build two story accessory structures within 10 feet of some rear property lines which is allowed under NPD zoning.  So, while the front setback would be 5 feet greater under NPD zoning, there would likely be two story structures 5 feet closer to some rear property lines under NPD than our homes would be under PRD-1 zoning.  


One of the main advantages of our PRD-1 Master Plan is the construction of a storm sewer system.  This system would not only handle the storm water produced by our development but would also help alleviate the current drainage issues on other properties that Homewood residents have raised.  Under current NPD zoning, the storm sewer system would not be constructed.  So, while we would handle our own development's runoff, we would not be able to help with the current drainage issues on other properties.  

School Overcrowding

As noted on the Edgewood Manor Home Page, Homewood Schools Superintendent Dr. Bill Cleveland provided us a letter stating that he did not foresee any school overcrowding issues if our PRD-1 Master Plan is approved.  This is due to the ongoing and planned expansions of the schools.


Much has been discussed about the current traffic issues at the intersection of Broadway and Carr Avenue.  One nice thing about our plan is a newly constructed road would be built that would intersect seamlessly with Oglesby Avenue.  This should help traffic move smoothly in this area.  Currently, cars 

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